Polish Cream of Pickle Soup, for when the weather is hot and i’m in bad bad mood

Actually pickle soup is good when the weather is cold, too. And its equally delicious when I’m in a good mood.

Did my mood improve after I ate this soup? well, I ate two bowlfuls, and by then I was  hydrated and resalted from the pickle juice and soup broth, and to tell you the truth: I WAS in a better mood.

I must take this moment to mention COLD pickle soup, which i have teased people with my mentioning in various social networks, but that is a completely different soup, a different recipe. I will put it up though, i promise. But in the meantime, this pickle soup was something I tasted first in a Polish restaurant (“c’mon: pickle soup???? cream of pickle soup????” yes that really was me, hard to believe, i know) and was won over just one spoon into my pickle soup experience. In Poland I discovered it was also garlicky, and meaty, and lush. At home in my own kitchen I realized I could put a whole garden of vegetables in it, and if i didn’t have a meaty broth, with chunks of meat, I could use a porcini bouillon cube and a handful of meatballs.

Instead of sweet cream, I used sour, then i used yogurt which i like even more. And in addition to the dill, I snipped a handful of chervil and found it brought the whole pickle-y thing together like magic.

this is the soup without the meatballs, just the vegetables. and these, are the meatballs.

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