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Buona Sera Firenze!

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Buona sera Firenze! in what seems like mere minutes from landing i am sitting before a cute waiter being offered homemade ravioli and Tuscan ragu. The thing about ragu is this: no matter how I make it myself or which feted restaurant I eat it in, its only in its own region that it tastes: transformative. essential. everywhere else, its just meat sauce.

Here is a close up of my ricotta-spinach ravioli in Tuscan ragu: and here is my plate afterwards:

and THEN i was ready for my secondo: tagliata! rare grilled beef on a bed of arugula/rocket/rucola, with a blanket of shaved Parmigiana on top and a few little roast potatoes on the side….along with a glass of Chianti….. sigh. Dessert was the lightest little froth of sorbetto, lemony foamy with….was that prosecco? and a gathering of diced fruit: so fresh, just a little bit sweet and so light i felt lighter AFTER spooning it up than before!