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Going to Gourmand Cookbook Awards in Macau!

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World Gourmand Cookbook Awards are in Macau this year, and my book A Taste of Naples is nominated for a Best in the World Award. As part of the festivities I am doing a cooking demonstration and have been wracking my brain trying to think of something to make where I could find the ingredients, do it i the time allotted, everyone could have a taste and because it is on the fourth of July, it would be very American.
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But what would it be? What what what what what. Finally it hit me: GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. very American, even though its eaten in various guises all over much of the world.

And also: I wrote a book about it! Chronicle Books, 2012!

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I will bring bread! Many types of bread! Many cheeses, lots of condiments and fresh things too, and we’ll layer and brown and fry and melt, and I’ll cut everything up and we can nibble and nosh to our hearts content!

We won’t leave until everything is melted!

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